4 December 2019 Collaboration

Inspiring Talk Mwalimu Musheshe: Ashoka Fellow, Founder Uganda Rural Development & Training Program
Opening Remarks Moses Anibaba: Regional Director, Sub Saharan Africa, British Council

Pape Samb: Executive Director, Ashoka Africa

10.45 – 11.15 am - NETWORKING BREAK

Moderator Edward Mungai: CEO, Kenya Climate Innovation Centre
Panelists Frank Aswani: CEO, Africa Venture Philanthropy Alliance

Yvonne Ofosu-Appiah: Investment Director, Wangara Green Ventures (Ghana)

12.15 – 1.45 pm - NETWORKING BREAK

Moderator Michael Sudrakasa: CEO, Africa Business Energy/ Chair Impact@Africa Network
Panelists Impact@Africa: Representative

UNDP: Representative

Master Classes and engagement sessions Real Talk – Conversations with Investors on the Investment Continuum, Impact Investor Match Making – Impact@Africa Network

Impact Investor Match Making – Kenya Climate Innovation Centre & Strathmore University

Storytelling for Social Change – Amaphiko

Reaching excluded girls in social entreprise – Population Council

ICON – CTA: ICON (Innovative Cooperative for Optimal Nutrition) CTA (Technical Center for Agricultural and Rural Cooperation)

Measuring and Articulating your impact – Blab East Africa
Thematic sessions Making more health- Ecosystems Engagement – Boehringer Ingelheim & Ashoka

Open Source Social Business – Stay Stiftung

Social Entreprenuership & Job Creation – British Council

Team Leadership & Collaboration – Ashoka Fellow-Wamuyu Mahinda

5 December 2019 Leadership & ecosystem

Inspiring TalkNgu .H. Morcho: Ashoka Fellow, Founder YAKO Medical Africa Ltd
ModeratorEdward Mungai: CEO, Kenya Climate Innovation Centre

Manuella Pastore: Global Lead, Making More Health ,Boehringer Ingelheim

Christie Peacock: Ashoka fellow, Founder Sidai

Noluvo Ngcwabe:  Head of Corporate Social Investment, BARLO world Ltd

Iqbal Paroo: USADF Board Member

9.30-10.00 am - NETWORKING BREAK

10.00 – 11.30 am PARALLEL SESSIONS

PresentationGeorge Gachara: Managing Partner, Heva Fund
PanelMakena Mworia: General Manager, Development Division of ENA

Philomena Lartey: Director, Women Entreprise Development, National Board for Small Scale Industries (Ghana)


Yeleka Barrett: Making More Health- Corporate Alliance Manager, Ashoka


Alice Wekesa – Gender Specialist, British Council


Nasreeen Ali Mohammed: Co Founder, Cherehani Africa

Josephine Nzerem: Ashoka Fellow- Founder Human Angel & Ashoka Africa Lead Venture & Talent

Case Study Irfan Keshavjee : Ashoka Fellow, Founder Karibu Homes
Moderator Stephanie Schmidt : Patrnerships Director, Ashoka Africa


Wanjuhi Njoroge: Global Shapers Curator kenya


Arianna Umuringa: Global Thinkers


Shalom Ndiku: Legal Program Manager Africa, Thomson Reuters Foundation


Annette Jung: Managing Head of Philips Capital Southern Europe & Africa.

Suzannah Farr: Ashoka Fellow, Founder Gold Youth.

Sawa Nakagawa: Founder & Partner, Three Arrows Investment

Ngwing Kimani: Executive Director, B Lab East Africa

12.40-1.40 pm - NETWORKING BREAK


Annette McGhee Johnson: Legal Advisor, Ashoka


Shalom Ndiku: Legal Program Manager Africa, Thomson Reuters Foundation

Karima Grant: Ashoka Fellow, Founder ImagiNationAfrika.

Nancy Kairo: Executive Director, EA Region, African Venture Philanthopy Alliance

Kate Munuka: Corpus Legal Practicitioners (Zambia)

3.00 - 3.15 pm - NETWORKING BREAK

3.15 - 4.15 pm PARALLEL SESSIONS

PresentationSheena Adams: Global Director of Communications, Accountability Lab


Bilha Ndirangu : CEO, Africa is Talking.


Wubet Girma – British Council, Ethiopia


Getting Everyone Aligned

Edward Mungai : CEO, Kenya Climate Innovation Centre

Highlights of recommendations, lessons and messages from Concurrent Workshops, plenaries and networking conversations


Moses Anibaba: Executive Director, Sub Saharan Africa, British Council

Pape Samb: Executive Director, Ashoka Africa

AFRICAN CAFÉ – Exhibitions & Conversations with Social Innovators

  • Exhibitors:
  • Making More Health
  • ICON
  • Kenya Climate Innovation Facility
  • Shop - Soko

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