Welcome to the 2nd edition of the Impact!Africa Summit

The Impact!Africa Summit is an annual event held across Africa targeted towards the social entrepreneurship ecosystem.

The summit is a partnership by the British Council and Ashoka to accelerate innovative solutions to Africa’s most pressing challenges by inspiring, supporting and connecting leading social entrepreneurs and key ecosystem players across countries, organizations and sectors such as policy, social investment, business and media.

The first edition of the Summit took place in Johannesburg in June 2018. It was a vibrant and action-focused event that brought over 200 leading social innovators and young leaders active in Africa’s key social issues as well as 400 key players from the corporate, investment and public sectors to share, learn and co-create new solutions to current challenges.

The 2019 edition will be held for the first time in East Africa in Nairobi – Kenya! It hopes to prepare and inspire young social entrepreneurs, policymakers, and educational institutions to transform their passion for social change into action through the main theme, Collaborative Finance for Social Innovation and sub themes;

  • Future Financing Models for Social Innovation
  • A Framework for scalable Social Innovation

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Why attend the summit?


Connect with the key drivers of social innovation ecosystems in Africa: outstanding social entrepreneurs and young leaders, investors, companies, foundations, public actors and decision makers


Celebrate emerging social entrepreneurs and young leaders with system-changing solutions to societal issues across Africa


Discover new trends and models on social innovation, deepen expertise on Pan-African approaches to social change and on methodologies to scale social innovation.


Generate new connections between social entrepreneurs, business, investors, philanthropy and public actors.


Engage participants in constructive dialogue over two days under the objectives of:

  • Spurring action in developing and advancing innovative financial mechanisms and instruments
  • Promoting awareness of ongoing innovation in funding social enterprises
  • Highlighting opportunities for business models and funding for social enterprises in Africa
  • Providing a platform for finance experts, development practitioners and social enterprises to delve deeper into innovative financing and its next steps

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