Welcome to the 2nd edition
of the Impact!Africa Summit

Impact!Africa Social Entrepreneurship Summit is a partnership to accelerate social innovations to Africa’s most pressing challenges by Inspiring + Connecting social entrepreneurs, changemakers, investors, and other ecosystem stakeholders across Africa.

Building on the inaugural Impact!Africa Summit of June 2018 in South Africa, the 2019 Summit rides on the visions of both the British Council and Ashoka’s effort with Social Enterprises + Entrepreneurship in the Social Innovation space.

Hosted by the British Council and Ashoka, Impact!Africa 2019 interactive Dialogues + Action will be on:

Main theme: Collaborative Finance for Social Innovation and how to catalyse social innovation (social enterprise + social entrepreneurship) in Africa through:

  1. Future Financing Models for Social Innovation: (1) Financing models for Africa – (2) Financial Innovation-The financing continuum: Institutions, services and products; (4) Impact financing/investment;
  1. A Framework for Social Innovation: (1) Expansion of African social innovation industry (2) Potentialities, strategic development approaches and technical capabilities required; (3) Pragmatic approaches to the development of social innovation, (4) Getting everyone aligned

Impact!Africa summit​ - 2018 highlights

Overall theme:

Collaborative Finance
for Social Innovation

Sub themes:

  • Future Financing Models for Social Innovation
  • A Framework for Social Innovation

The summit starts in...

About Ashoka

Ashoka is the world’s largest network of social entrepreneurs. We identify and support the world’s leading social entrepreneurs, learn from the patterns in their innovations and mobilize a global community that embraces these new frameworks to build an “Everyone A Changemaker world”

Founded in 1981 by Bill Drayton, our work in Africa started in 1990, currently with about 500 Ashoka Fellows in 20 countries.

About British Council

The British Council is the UK’s international organisation for cultural relations and educational opportunities. We create friendly knowledge and understanding between the people of the UK and other countries. We do this by making a positive contribution to the UK and the countries we work with – changing lives by creating opportunities, building connections and engendering trust.

We work with over 100 countries across the world in the fields of arts and culture, English language, education and civil society. Last year we reached over 75 million people directly and 758 million people overall including online, broadcasts and publications. Founded in 1934, we are a UK charity governed by Royal Charter and a UK public body.

Sessions include

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Influencers Engagement

Africa Cafe

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